Closed Circuit TV

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Closed Circuit TV

Postby harddrive » Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:14 am

Hopefully this is the right forum and if not, I will take it to building to building forum or figure out another one.

Currently at all the building in my stake there is a closed circuit TV system set up. We use it mainly for satellite broadcast and it works terrific. At the stake center however, we have the ability to accept a video feed from a camera so that the speaker can be shown on a TV throughout the building. It also works great.

As far as I know, the satellite broadcast are sent to us digitally and then it looks to be converted to an analog signal. We currently use different "TV" channels, like 3, 6 or some other channel. This is all great and these are analog channels.

Are other buildings using an analogy system? Also what is the plan of the church to move forward with HD systems? This is looking to do webcasting in HD down the road.

thanks for letting me know.

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Postby russellhltn » Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:05 am

harddrive wrote:Are other buildings using an analogy system?

As far as I know, expect for the Conference Center, all of them.

harddrive wrote:Also what is the plan of the church to move forward with HD systems? This is looking to do webcasting in HD down the road.

Frankly, I don't know and I'm not sure as there's anyone on the forum who does know. Your best bet might be to call Satellight Support and chat with them. I think the two main factors in moving to HD will be the continued availability and support of analog, and if the spirit works any better in HD. Moving to HD would require replacing most every component you've described. Perhaps even the wiring as well. Not cheap.

One problem that may be encountered with HD is delay. It may prove to be distracting in a live situation.
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Postby pete.arnett » Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:18 pm

[font=verdana]All meetinghouse that were built or retrofitted as a Stake Center may have what you are calling "Closed Circuit TV"

The only sure way to tell is to visit a meetinghouse and check the following:
1) verity if there is a video input modulator (normally Channel 12) located in the satellite equipment cabinet
2) verity if there is a plug for video input port, usually found on the side of the first chapel overflow area
3) If you have items 1 & 2 above, then you may use the following for testing:
a) connect a video camera to the video input port
b) connect a TV to a meetinghouse video out port (try Primary or RS rooms) and tune the TV to channel 12 (or the number found on
[font=verdana]the video input modulator[/font][font=verdana])
c) turn the meetinghouse sound system on
d) make sure the satellite equipment cabinet is powered on
[font=verdana]meetinghouse video[/font][font=verdana]may be accessed from a video out port located in the satellite cabinet
f) test the meetinghouse video system

Another method: ask your local Faculties Management Group if a given meetinghouse has the meetinghouse video system installed

[font=verdana]try searching the Wiki for related information about Meetinghouse Video System and Webcast[/font]
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