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Internet TV

Postby petemesquite » Sun Jan 08, 2012 1:58 pm

There is a lot of discussion about accessing media on a TV through a Roku box, but what are the other options for those of us without a Roku box? On, there is a page that references several other devices (, but there is little detail about how supported these devices are (web TVs and Blu-ray players).

More specifically, I have a Sony Blu-ray player and got it in part because the above page seems to suggest that Sony Blu-ray players will have LDS content available. I have not figured out how to access that yet, but perhaps it is still in the works? An app similar to the Roku app, with live and archived Mormon Channel content, would be ideal. :)

So far, the best I can do is access some content through YouTube, but that is far from ideal. Of course, I know I can always plug a computer into the TV and just play video directly from the computer, but I was hoping for a more user-friendly option (sometimes just getting the TV on is an accomplishment for some family members, and my services as the family technology expert are not always available).

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Postby kennethjorgensen » Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:12 am

The whole issue about "Internet TV" is (and will be for some time) a "moving target" and therefore I doubt they can come out and say much more.

Until the IPTV landscape is a bit more clear I think what you have found so far is the best you are going to get in the short/medium term. I personally count on the connected laptop and YouTube. Not ideal but the best if you want it all.

The laptop will get you everything so I always count on that and make sure my TV can connect to it. There are options to create bookmarks, shortcut icon pages etc to make it easier for others to get to the main pages.

The YouTube option I agree is not ideal but it is a widely available option on many devices so maybe the church will put more on that (or create more channels).

As for other options it will remain to be seen how popular Apple TV, Google TV etc becomes.

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