MRN & Two Accounts

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MRN & Two Accounts

Postby erinelisabeth_p » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:35 pm

I made an account a few years ago and when I mad my first account I added in my MRN, but about a year after making that account, it stopped working and wouldn't let me log in. Flash forward to now, and I have a new account made (which I have had for about a year now), but I cannot put in my MRN because it's still linked to the first one. I've already done password verification for the first account to make sure I'm entering in the right information for logging in. I'm putting everything exactly how the verification email said too, but no luck. My biggest issue here is the fact that I can't log into the first one to get rid of MRN and add it to my updated one. Unless I delete it from my first account, I'll never be able to add it to my second.

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Re: MRN & Two Accounts

Postby lajackson » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:16 am

Contact your ward clerk and ask him to help you contact the Global Service Center. The GSC will be able to combine your two accounts, or help you recover your account with the MRN and remove the account without, whichever is more appropriate.

You will need their help to do it. There is no way for you to do it yourself.

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