I accidently made multiple lds accounts.

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I accidently made multiple lds accounts.

Postby alang23 » Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:14 pm

How do I delete an LDS account?

Over the years I have accidentally created multiple LDS accounts for myself, without realizing I had already made one.
(1 member lds account, and one account without an membership record number)
The first one was made when I was a youth, and contains my maiden name in the user name, and also has my Membership number on the file.
The second one was made after I was married (and had forgotten I had already made one) and now has my married last name in the username (but no record number, as that is only allowed on one account, and at the time I made the second account, I didn't have my number handy, I had the intention of updating it later). I wish to delete the second account so I can free up its username (with my new last name) and apply it to my original account.

It is an odd request but I hope someone can help me. Please note I have access to both accounts!!

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