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phone number

Postby ckmohat1960 » Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:39 pm

I got an email saying that they were not going to use the phonenumber that I just put in…I put in my cell number and the email I received said it would not be used…. but I DO WANT TO USE THAT NUMBER on my account…so can you please make sure that it is associated with it? THanks!
This is what it said….
"The mobile phone number for your FamilySearch Account ckmohat1960 has been changed. The phone number <redacted> will no longer be associated with this FamilySearch Account. I DID change it myself to that number"….thanks Cheryl Mohat
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Re: phone number

Postby aebrown » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:06 pm

ckmohat1960 wrote:…so can you please make sure that it is associated with it?

This is a community forum. No one here can fix your LDS Account.

I'd recommend that you work through the help resources available at -- those are the people who could actually make the change for you.

P.S. Note that because everything you post here is visible on the Internet, I removed your phone number -- the support people won't see it here, and posting it publicly might result in spam calls you don't want to get.

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