New LDS Account Creation Page

LDS Account is the primary user account (user name and password) for accessing online Church resources. This forum is a space to discuss all things related to LDS Account (registration, account recovery, user experience, vulnerabilities, etc.).
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New LDS Account Creation Page

Postby mevans » Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:36 am

The page for creating an LDS Account changed tonight. I'd just finished creating one and then went to create another and the page had changed quite significantly.

Now the first thing it asks you is if you are a member of the LDS Church. This is probably better than the previous account creation page where it wasn't quite as obvious what to do if you weren't a member. I don't know what the rest of the experience is like, as my next test was someone under 8 years old and I can't get too far because you need to be at least 8 years old.

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