Finding/correcting deceased members records.

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Finding/correcting deceased members records.

Postby whereisbruce » Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:04 pm

We have a Sister in our ward trying to get information on a deceased brother. When researching his records it doesn'the show that he was Born in the Covenant,baptized or received the Priesthood. All of which she knows was done. She doesn'the believe he had his name removed from the church records. Is there a way to research this.

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Re: Finding/correcting deceased members records.

Postby lajackson » Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:32 pm

I would check and see if you might be looking at a duplicate record, and Local Unit Support will probably be able to help you determine that.

Otherwise, there is really no way you can do much else at the local level. If there is another record, it may have the information recorded. Otherwise, unless the events happened in your ward and you have certificates or witnesses, it might be easier to set up an appointment at the temple and take care of the work there after he has been gone a year.

Is this sister doing her research through FamilySearch because her brother is deceased and the information is now there? She would not have access to any actual membership records, which should have been sent to Church headquarters at the time of her brother's death.

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Re: Finding/correcting deceased members records.

Postby rmrichesjr » Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:38 pm

I have one suggestion that might help with the BIC issue: send a request for help on FamilySearch's Family Tree web application. Supply the Person IDs for your brother and his parents, their marriage date and temple, and his birthdate. State that you believe he should show up as BIC but is not. Ask that they check and correct the BIC flag.

FamilySearch has had a problem fairly recently that caused a number of deceased people who were BIC to show up in the database as _not_ BIC. A couple of my deceased ancestors were in that situation. With both of my ancestors, I submitted a request for help. Within a couple of days, I received a reply from FamilySearch that the case had been sent to a special division or department that is working on fixing the BIC status flags. For one case, within a few weeks, I received a message back that the BIC status had been corrected. It did not take much longer than that for the other case, but I could not find where I had been notified about completion.

From one of the replies I received, it sounds like FamilySearch ran an automated clean-up job on the database to clear some ordinance 'Completed' flags where those flags had come from GEDCOMs uploaded by patrons, but the automated job incorrectly cleared some BIC flags as well.

Hope that helps at least with that part.

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