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new FamilySearch Beta2

Postby garysturn » Wed Feb 28, 2007 4:40 pm

We had a Beta2 tester in the FHC yesterday and I observed some things about new FamilySearch which I was wondering if anyone here knows the answers to.

Does the Beta Data include all of the IGI temple data?

We found a person which the Beta showed was missing ordinances. When we had the program search for completed ordinance dates, none were found. We logged on to the current FamilySearch and found the ordinances with no problem on the first search. Dates and places were the same. These were not recent ordinance dates that might have just been added to the IGI.

Will the final version have more merging done?

On most of the individuals listed there were multiple "Possible Matches" which were definate matches. I would think the software should be able to do most of the merges automatically. And there was no option to say that "No, this is not a duplicate" the only No option is "No, I can't tell if it is a duplicate"

The program seems to run very smoothly and we saw no errors.
It appears to be about ready to release.
The colors are much better than in Beta1 and it seems to be quite fast.

I don't see the need for it to say in big bold black letters "Searching 500,000,000 records for matches" when it is doing a search. It would be better to just say "Searching for matches" in a non intrusive font. They can show off how many records are in the system somewhere else.

It is a great improvement, I hope to see it released soon.
Gary Turner
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