Group demonstration with Apple TV

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Group demonstration with Apple TV

Postby mikeball » Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:10 am

Yesterday was the 5th Sunday of the month so our ward had a combined 3rd hour meeting with the Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society. The topic was family history and it was a great success! I thought I'd share a little bit about the experience on here.

We had a projector set up so our ward family history consultant could give everyone a demonstration on how to create an LDS login account, sign in to, link yourself back to your first deceased ancestor, explain the different temple icons and what they mean, etc. After that she demonstrated how to go to, login with your LDS account and get a beautiful visualization of your direct ancestors.

The biggest thing that made this demonstrations so amazing was almost everyone in the ward has an iPad and they were following along at the same time. I had hooked up the little Apple TV box to the projector and was using AirPlay so the presenter's iPad was being shown on the projector without a single wire, not even a power cord. This allowed the presenter to move around the room carrying their iPad.

On top of that amazing mobility during a presentation, AirPlay allowed anyone in the audience to put their iPad screen on the projector. As soon as someone had a question, I would put their iPad screen on the projector (only takes 2 seconds) and everyone was able to see exactly what the question was, and watch as our family history consultant walked them through it.

It was awesome to quickly put anyone's screen on the projector without having to have them come up to a wired laptop, logout of familysearch, re-login as the person with the question and navigate back to the screen where the question occurred.

It was a very powerful and efficient demonstration and only required a projector, an Apple TV, and iPad(s). I bumped into a few ward members last night and many of them mentioned they had spent hours doing family history that afternoon because they saw how easy it is and were motivated to do it at home! What a great success!

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