My Copier Support Experience

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My Copier Support Experience

Postby t1965a-p40 » Thu May 13, 2010 1:41 pm

1. Copier in the Ward library started having problems (jamming, streaks, etc.) on a Sunday.
2. Called 1-800-537-7192 and, after a few button punches on the phone, was told they were closed.
3. Called 1-800-537-7192 on Monday from work and after some time was finally connected to a human.
4. Gave the copier info to the help desk person. I didn't have the copier serial number and was told there was nothing they could do.
5. After work, went to the ward building and noted down the serial number.
6. Called 1-800-537-7192 on Tuesday from work and gave the copier info to the help desk person. Was told since I wasn't physically at the machine there was nothing they could do.
7. After work, raced over to the ward building and called 1-800-537-7192 from my work cell phone (before the help center closed).
8. Was connected to a human and was promptly disconnected.
9. Called back and was immediately forwarded to a hold queue for over 1/2 hour. They never came back. They were closed by the time I hung up.
10. A couple days later, took time off of work, went to the ward building and called 1-800-537-7192 from my work cell phone.
11. Was connected to a human who then escalated the call to an "HP technician".
12. The "HP technician" then told me that he would escalate the call to an HP technician who would physically come out and fix the machine.
13. Was then told to have the copier print out 2 administration pages and fax them to 1-866-402-8510. Copier of course has jamming problems, so it took a few tries.
14. Since our ward building does not have a fax machine, I had to wait to fax the papers until I was at work.
15. A week later, still no call from an HP technician to make an appointment to come fix the problem.
16. Called 1-800-537-7192 again to check on this. Was told the fax was never received, that they needed it before they could call the HP technician to come fix the machine.
17. Was transferred to another "HP technician" who said they would have an HP technician call me on my work cell to schedule an appointment.
18. Still no call.
19. Will need to plan on taking time off work once I get the call and the appointment is made.

In the meantime, the librarians are ready to be released :).

This new copier support program hasn't been the most positive experience. The last time this happened, I called a local number, scheduled an appointment for the next day, and a guy showed up and fixed the problem. Now, I'm fronted by an outsourced group who really can't help, and then actually gets in the way of solving the problem by creating new problems.

Please fix this.


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Postby techgy » Thu May 13, 2010 2:18 pm

I believe that you should be rewarded for your patience and diligence in sticking to a rather frustrating series of events. It would appear that you have followed the instructions posted although you didn't have the copier information at hand for the first few calls.

Hopefully someone from the copier administration group will respond to your needs. Hang in there. :D
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Postby heyring » Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:45 pm

I am the Stake PFR and was wondering if anyone can suggest a way to improve this type of experience?

Shouldn't the process be easier, and shouldn't the cost of supplies be billed to the Unit instead of charged to the caller?

This is an email I just received from a Bishop in my Stake. yes, I have already mentioned to him that this should be handled by the head building Librarian :-)

I just spent nearly 2 hours on the phone trying to get a service person out to service the copier. I started with the number below and they transferred me to 4 different numbers, half of which did not recognize the serial number on the machine so they kept sending me elsewhere. In the end, they won't come out until we have replaced the drum, which costs about $375. So I hope I did the right thing and just ordered the drum. If it ends up not being the drum and we have to have service come out anyway, it may be another week or two to get it fixed, that is if it is fixable.

Also, they could not find an account number associated with our machine so they also charged me about $40 in taxes and required my credit card to purchase (no big deal, unless of course on our account we could have received a Church-wide discount).

I doubt it will be here by tomorrow, although I did order overnight delivery for $10 more, but the person could not guarantee that it would deliver on Saturday. So brethren, please be aware that the copier will be down this Sunday again, more than likely.

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