HP LaserJet 4345 MFP message

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HP LaserJet 4345 MFP message

Postby ruthammond » Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:50 am


I apologize if you get this twice - I saved a draft and then wasn't sure if it was submitted or not.

I am the stk librarian in the Lovell, Wyoming stake. We are getting a message on our copier (HP LaserJet 4345 MFP) saying: Order Maintenance Kit. Is this something important and what do we do about it?

I referred this to the stk counselor over me and he referred me to the high councilman over the building. He said he would check it out, but I've never heard anything back.

I would appreciate any help you could give.

Thank you,

Ruth Hammond
Lovell, WY

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Re: Local unit copier program comment, and questions

Postby russellhltn » Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:42 pm

ruthammond wrote:We are getting a message on our copier (HP LaserJet 4345 MFP) saying: Order Maintenance Kit. Is this something important and what do we do about it?

I'm having problems finding data on that specific model, but I think it's simply a set of rollers and other replaceable parts (other then the toner cartridge) for the machine. It's internal usage counter is probably indicating that those parts are near the end of their expected lifetime and are coming due for replacement.
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Re: HP LaserJet 4345 MFP message

Postby Mikerowaved » Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:24 pm

The MFP will alert you to order a maintenance kit after printing 215,000 pages. The message can be cleared one-time for approximately 10k more pages by using the CLEAR MAINTENANCE MESSAGE item on the RESETS submenu. When the page count reaches 225k, you must install the maintenance kit to clear the message, but I believe it will allow you to continue printing. To check the number of pages that the MFP has printed since the last maintenance-kit components were installed, print either a configuration page or a supplies-status page.

The maintenance kit is "HP LaserJet M4345 MFP 110V Printer Maintenance Kit (Q5998A)" and runs about $300 if ordered direct from HP. It consists of a fuser, which is on the left side just below where the paper comes out, a roller, which is on the right side inside of the manual feed tray, and 6 new paper feed rollers, which are in the paper tray at the bottom. I'm not sure how difficult a task it is to install the parts in the kit, but supposedly they are all "user serviceable" items. The kit does includes complete instructions.

[Source: Google]
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