Temple Symbol and Summary Card Conflict - Suggestion

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Temple Symbol and Summary Card Conflict - Suggestion

Postby barryhill » Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:10 am

I just noticed a possible issue and don't know if it is new or always been there and I just recently realized the problem.

My father and my mother (husband/wife) show a check-mark in front of the temple symbol in pedigree view. To me as a Family History Consultant this means all their work is completed, yet when I click on my mother's name her summary card shows that she does NOT have the SP block (sealed to parents) completed. When I click on her parents the temple symbol shows "In Progress" even though their summary cards both show all work (all blocks) completed.

It seems that the summary cards and the temple status symbol are not in sync. Apparently the summary cards consider sealing children to parents to be the work of the child but the temple symbol shows it to be the work of the parent. I think this is a clear inconsistency that is confusing to try to explain to members. It also diminishes the value of having the temple symbol which was intended to tell at a glance if that work for that couple is complete.

It is my suggestion that the summary cards and the temple symbol be made to agree and not contradict each other. I think this is more important then which generation the sealing of parents to children is assigned. The temple-work status icon should agree with the summary card for that couple.

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Re: Temple Symbol and Summary Card Conflict - Suggestion

Postby rontilby » Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:27 pm

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