perform firewall upgrade within the next six to eight weeks

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perform firewall upgrade within the next six to eight weeks

Postby aclawson » Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:19 am

I just received an email stating the following (posted here just in case not everybody received it). Note the requested timeframe for completion.


December 16, 2014

A meetinghouse firewall upgrade is available that enables 990 meetinghouse network connections, improves firewall data throughput, and creates dedicated network zones. All meetinghouse firewalls should be upgraded to the new configuration.

As the Technology Specialist for the <> Stake please begin preparing your meetinghouses for the firewall upgrade, and perform the firewall upgrade within the next six to eight weeks. Below is a list of the firewall(s) that require the upgrade.

(lists the only remaining building that needs the upgrade)

Please read and use information contained at this link for performing the firewall upgrade. The upgrade uses the existing meetinghouse firewall, which downloads and installs a software configuration that creates dedicated firewall ports (see drawing below); therefore network cables must be connected to the correct firewall ports prior to the upgrade. The upgrade also creates a new network IP address range, so you need to identify any devices using static IP addresses before performing the upgrade.

If your stake has additional Stake Technology Specialists then please coordinate upgrade activities with the other STSs. If a meetinghouse hosts a Family History Center then please coordinate upgrade activities with the Family History Coordinator, and please coordinate the timing of a firewall upgrade with local Church leaders. Also if your meetinghouse requires additional equipment (e.g., network switch or cables) then please contact your Facilities Manager.

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Re: perform firewall upgrade within the next six to eight we

Postby CleggGP » Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:34 am

The message is currently being sent (on a staggered basis) to Stake Technology Specialists in the United States. A similar message will be sent STSs worldwide beginning next year. The reason is to let Church units know about the Meetinghouse Firewall upgrade, since many Church units have not heard about it. The message links the user to the firewall upgrade instructions (also located HERE). The instructions describe how to upgrade the firewall using the Technology Manager tool, which not all STSs know about. The 6-8 week upgrade target is to prompt STSs to begin preparing meetinghouses for the upgrade. If a stake has completed the upgrade of their MH firewalls, then they will not receive the message.

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