FM R&I 2013 in our Stake

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FM R&I 2013 in our Stake

Postby johnshaw » Thu May 10, 2012 1:01 pm

I put together this document as a vision statement / Budget Plan for Technology in my Stake. I was hoping to get some feedback, or input on making the vision easily digestible and the arguments stronger -> so that as a community, particularly those of us with FM that are uncooperative in this area can have a solid vision statement for the future.

My goal from this is to get 3 signatures from my Stake Presidency, on the opening statement, and keep it in my wallet as I deal with PFR and FM.

SuggestedTechnologyPlanfor2013RI (1).pdf
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Postby sammythesm » Fri May 11, 2012 7:11 am

Awesome, John. You really lay out the case. My only recommendation is for your ISP upgrade requests, I'd do some research about what is available for each building, how much it costs, and then make a specific recommendation. We were able to upgrade our service in one building from at&t DSL to at&t UVERSE because I called at&t and got a quote that actually lowered the cost of what they were currently paying. It took some browbeating to get the account information from FM to make the call, but was worth it in the end.

Also - you might want to organize a prioritized list of asks, with their associated costs and who would be responsible (FM or Stake). Your doc does a great job of explaining why, it's just not always specific enough on the what.

Good luck!!!

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Postby MerrillDL » Mon May 14, 2012 2:48 pm

In the training section, you left out LDS Account and how to register or recover a member account. ;)

In all seriousness though, I think you have outlined some really good ideals. However, there are a few items which I'm pretty sure the FM will turn down. But if you submit it in the format you have presented here, you may surprise even the seasoned veterans.

My stake has contracted Cable at 12MB down and 2MB up. I routinely do a speedtest and come up with numbers closer to 6MB up and 6MB down. This is very adequate for doing a webcast at the highest resolution.

I believe I recall hearing in a regional Meetinghouse Technologies training last fall, the recommended (minimum) ISP contract for any church meetinghouse is 10MB down and 1MB up. FM's have been given this information and might be willing to foot some of the cost if new infrastructure needs to be brought to the building.

Good Luck, you've got a great start and have provided some great material for the rest of the STS's. What are your thoughts on access privileges for an STS?

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