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Meetinghouse VoIP

Postby sammythesm » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:21 pm

I just watched the video on from the LDSTech Conference on meetinghouse internet. First of all, it was great to hear from all the product managers, and thank you for your work on these products.

Meetinghouse VoIP was brought up on the first slide, but no one talked about it. Can you give more detail about the service? My FM mentioned to me that he has received communication about it - and it seems like a GREAT way to reduce cost to the FM. Can we get a wiki started on it or at least share what's coming?

This would be great info to have for those who are wiring (or rewiring) buildings to make sure proper drops are added where they will be needed.

Do you intend to make endpoints available (IP phones) or just VoIP to analog gateways?

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