MLS Companion Database - Update

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MLS Companion Database - Update

Postby mbsteed » Tue Feb 15, 2011 7:43 am

MLS Companion Database is a software application that can be freely downloaded and used in conjunction with the LDS MLS computer member database system. It is designed to provide useful information to church leaders interested in keeping notes on member interviews and can be installed and used on personal computers. Information is imported from MLS and then merged with custom information on each individual. It works on Windows or Mac.

Feature List
-import data from MLS
-import member photos (jpg)
-family relationship
-address link to Google maps
-self address e-mail
-bulk e-mail
-common ward listings
-custom password protection
-read-only access mode
-record flagging
-home teachers links
-visiting teachers links
-comment fields
-YSA FHE groups
-stake version

MLS changed their file structure as of Jan, 2011; the membership record number was dropped, breaking the import feature of this database. Version 305 fixes this problem.

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