MLS Emails

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MLS Emails

Postby mlh78 » Sun Dec 19, 2010 7:44 am

I am trying to send an email to a branch via the "unit to unit" message system in MLS. I keep getting the message "one or more names in the receipient list are invalid." It works for all of my units except for this one. Any ideas?

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Postby crislapi » Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:02 pm

I would start by checking under Edit > System Options > Unit > Wards/Branches to make sure all your units are listed correctly. Are the unit numbers correct? Do they all appear?

If it is correct there, you could try re-adding it to your address book. Go to the messages screen in MLS. Click on "Create Message". In the pop-up, select "unit-to-unit" and then click on "address book". In the top right corner, click on "add". In the drop-down menu, select the unit that is not working, give it a new name, and click "ok". Try sending a message using this new address.

If it still does not work, you will likely need to contact LUS.

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