A5 Certificate Printing

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A5 Certificate Printing

Postby iamdavid » Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:21 am

I looked but cannot find this suggested or discussed elsewhere in the Forum. It has to do with the A4 size of Ordinance Certificates printed by MLS.

This may be governed by some of the International requirements placed upon MLS but my personal view has always been that A4 is too large. Traditionally our books of hand compiled certificates were about A5 and I feel there should be an option to do this in MLS today.

If the only constraint is that half an A4 page would be wasted, then I think the guillotine we have or a pair of scissors can trim it off and the waste is not the problem. The problem I feel is that the certificate is needlessly large.

Needless from my perspective. Is there some other perspective that genuinely calls for a full A4 Certificate? I use attractive paper that is thicker than normal but A4 just seems unnecessary?

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