Talents and Interests

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Talents and Interests

Postby jirp » Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:02 am

Just curious how the talents and interests section in MLS is being implemented in various places. We looked at it as a leadership aid so we were looking for things the leadership might want to help the ward run either normal operation, aiding members or in an emergency. To the existing list we added CDL,Chainsaw,Electrical,Foreign Language, Potable water tank or cistern, pump or shopvac. The list already in MLS for those who haven't seen it.
access or operate heavy machinery, auto mechanics, carpentry, computers, conducting music, dance, electrician, employment resource, family history, finance, generator, ham radio, heating and air conditioning, medical resource, plays organ, plays piano, scouting,singing, theater, plumbing, welding

So far I have about half the ward entered and we already have at least one person in each category.(some categories have dozens of people) We discussed a number of others like portable cooking equipment(decided nearly everyone had), cooking for large crowds(there again about 1/3 of ward has at some point), campers(decided they were big enough that the bishopric mostly knew who had them), houses that heat with no power(there again mostly the bishopric knew who they were) Debated adding general mechanic since about half of us on that list do a way wider range of things but decided against it. Electrical was added because there are a number of us who do electrical on cars, home and appliances who are not electricians. CDL was added in case it was needed. We have learned we have people with full hazardous material endorsements and full passenger endorsements in the ward so CDL is solidly covered. Foreign language debated if we needed each listed and decided not. Chainsaw and pump or shop vac are there for emergency clean up tasks. Potable water tank or cistern was another emergency preparedness thing added.

Has anyone come up with a way in MLS to print a full list skills each with its people with it easily. I finally solved it by creating a custom report for each skill and then just checking them all to print the full list. It is messy but it works. Having a report for each skill is fine mostly because that is how it will likely be used. The primary presidency wants a list of piano players for example to discuss filling the primary pianist position. Or the EQ president wants people to help with cleanup of a flooded basement. Or the bishop needs someone with computer skills to fill the ward web site calling.

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