New Ward Buildings - Moving Wards

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New Ward Buildings - Moving Wards

Postby johnshaw » Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:17 am

We (not so) recently moved into a new stake center. It was discovered today that none of our office numbers in CDOL were updated which meant that Maps was also wrong. The other issue is that phone lines were not disconnected, so we've now been paying for several months for at least 4 phone lines that didn't get disconnected/forwarded/number has changed messages.

I did get the info that FM through FMAT is supposed to update the information - Has anyone else experienced this, I want to be sure for the future that I have a checklist so I can remind FM what their job is when this comes up again. Are phones supposed to be forwarded? Have a disconnect message? Is it for a period of time? Who does the disconnect of the phone number, etc...

I realize there are many different ways to fix the information, I have it fixed now, we are ok... I know feedback is available in Forms, I know we can call in and have them make the changes... what I'm trying to gather is a PROACTIVE checklist to use in the future and what is supposed to happen for the actual move, and not how to work around the issue that actually happened.

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