Temple recommend activiation process not functioning correctly

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Temple recommend activiation process not functioning correctly

Postby poswald » Wed Jan 18, 2012 4:07 pm

On Jan 4th 2012 I activiated temple recommends for our stake as per normal procedures. I started to receive complaints that several members did not have activated recommends for this batch. I have since printed out the temple recommend activation report which indicates that all of these recommends should have been activated. I continue to have problems as members go to the temple. In some cases the temple workers simply let them pass and in some cases the temple workers activate the recommend. This is resulting in a constant stream of calls tracking down the Stake Presidency to verify recommends.

Is this a known issue and has it been resolved?

This is an edit to this post. I have since found this is indeed an issue and found threads on the MLS support forum indicating such. Evidently the current temporary solution is to activate on-line for now as the issue is being worked.

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