out-of-unit members

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out-of-unit members

Postby stevenldsrhond » Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:42 pm

I am currently a counselor in the Stake Presidency of a Married Student Stake. Since we have been put in the Presidency, all the out-of-unit members (entire Stake Presidency, High Council, most bishops) have been dropped from the Stake Directory, even though our wives are still there since they had been assigned ward callings. This includes the former SP 1st counselor who is now the SP and myself who was serving on the HC. I've received a number of suggestions which I will list. None of them have worked. Please help with a solution!

1. Re-syncing--done multiple times

2. Having our memberships re-entered into our home ward and then having our Married Stake enter us as out-of-unit members = only worked for bishops. Any Stake calling was denied when our Stake clerk tried to enter this designation

3. Give us a separate designation within the stake = access denied.

Any thoughts? Thank you!

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Re: out-of-unit members

Postby lajackson » Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:08 pm

stevenldsrhond wrote:Any Stake calling was denied when our Stake clerk tried to enter this designation

Membership record in home ward.

Out-of-unit record in Married Stake. Sometimes it works better if you are put into one of the wards as an out-of-unit member.

Standard calling in Married Stake. LCR has been fussy, but if your stake clerk cannot enter you into a calling, have him locate you with your MRN, not a name search. That seems to work.

Others will have other ideas.

Consider also that counselor in stake presidency may have to be entered by Headquarters because it requires First Presidency approval. But stake clerk should be able to enter the others.

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Re: out-of-unit members

Postby sbradshaw » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:06 am

Which "stake directory" were you looking at (Leader and Clerk Resources, LDS.org Directory, LDS Tools iOS, LDS Tools Android)?

If you are on LDS Tools for iOS, there's a bug since 3.2.0 came out last Friday, where stake-level out-of-unit members do not appear in the app. This has been fixed for the next release (I don't know how soon that will be). That means that the stake presidency, high council, etc. will not show up in LDS Tools for iOS until there's an update (so for now, don't use LDS Tools for iOS to check if things are entered properly).
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