changing profile pictures for other ward members

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changing profile pictures for other ward members

Postby ddavis1965 » Sun Oct 23, 2016 4:01 pm

My bishop asked that I put in take photos, then put them in the individual profiles for other ward members....anyone know how I do that?

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Re: changing profile pictures for other ward members

Postby sbradshaw » Sun Oct 23, 2016 5:36 pm

In order to add photos for other members in your ward, you need to be entered into one of the following standard positions in Leader and Clerk Resources:
• Bishop or bishopric counselor.
• Ward clerk or assistant clerk.
• Ward website administrator.

Additionally, you need to have permission (written or verbal is OK) from a member before you upload his or her photo, or from their parents if it's a photo of a child.

If you're entered into the system with one of these standard callings, and you have permission to upload a photo, then you are able to proceed:
1) Go to the Directory (editing photos isn't available in Leader and Clerk Resources, as least not currently).
2) Find the household of the member whose photo you want to change.
3) Click the "Edit" button above the household profile.
4) Click "Add a photo" near the top (household photo) or next to each household member (individual photo).
5) Follow the instructions that pop up.

If you have several photos to upload at once, you can upload them in bulk and assign them to members (the option will appear on the left panel if you have a calling that lets you see it).
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