Adding children of record

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Adding children of record

Postby surf40 » Sun Apr 10, 2016 8:23 pm

Lady gets baptized with two young children (4 and 6). Record arrives in MLS for the sister, and it shows her two children in her record, but the children themselves have no records (no "children of record" files for them) How do I add them in MLS, and tie them to their mother?

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Re: Adding childer of record

Postby eblood66 » Sun Apr 10, 2016 8:40 pm

First you should have the mother fill out a Child Blessing Record for each child. Even though you will not actually be blessing the children this form will make sure all the information for the children is correct and provide written permission to create records for the children.

Once you have that information use the Membership > Ordinances > New Child of Record menu option in MLS to create records for the children. It will automatically add them to their mother's household.

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Re: Adding children of record

Postby russellhltn » Sun Apr 10, 2016 9:53 pm

As for permission, see Handbook 1: 13.6.2.
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