Discrepancy in Expense Amount - UFS & MLS

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Discrepancy in Expense Amount - UFS & MLS

Postby jeffnye » Sat Mar 05, 2011 10:41 am

The Bishop was asking me about our expenditures in Fast Offerings because he thought the amount January's UFS was showing was higher than it should be. Upon further investigation I found there were discrepancies between MLS expense reports and the Fast Offering expenses listed on the UFS. On multiple expenses the reference number, date, and name of the fast offering recipient all matched but the amount was different.

The incorrect amounts listed on the UFS were always at least double what we actually wrote the check for and normally it was always the same number. In other words, there is one number that seems to have been substituted for the correct amount on multiple fast offering expenses on the UFS.

Has anyone heard of this happening? Is it a known bug or something I need to call Church HQ about? Thanks.

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