transfer function and negative dollar amounts

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transfer function and negative dollar amounts

Postby Quicky » Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:30 pm

With the dissolution of the budget:allocation:young women,etc. columns we have been instructed to transfer funds until they are all zeroed out. I thought I had done that already but I see that the balances are back.

I have some negative balances in a couple columns and can't seem to transfer or get rid of the negative number with the transfer function. My Budget:Allocation number is inflated at the moment but a calculator says that If I get rid of the negative number with a transfer all will be well with the total in the end.

So, some help with these negative number transfers would be appreciated. Thanks, KQ

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Postby ckmcdonald » Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:03 am

If indeed you did zero out all your old subcategories at one point and there are now some of your old subcategories that have negative balances, this may be because expenses incurred since you zeroed them out are being recorded incorrectly against these old subcategory. These old subcategories are not supposed to be used since the CUBS roll-out last October. If any have been, the offending expenses will need to be edited and have their subcategory changed to the appropriate new budget categories.

If the above isn't the reason you have negative balances then I'm not sure why; but if you did indeed zero them out at one point then something odd is happening and I'm not sure what.

Pardon if I'm misunderstanding, but in reading your question it sounds as if you are trying to do transfers with negative numbers. I'm pretty sure, like you appear to be saying, that MLS doesn't allows this. If an old budget subcategory has a negative balance (say -$59.99 in Budget Allocation: young women), you just simply need to do a transfer of that amount ($59.99) from Budget: Budget Allocation to Budget Allocation: young women. That will zero it out.

If I'm not understanding your dilemma, please provide more details about what you mean when you say you can't adjust balances with transfers.

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