Donor Records and Status after Transition to CUBS

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Donor Records and Status after Transition to CUBS

Postby lambertinut » Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:49 am

Before we transitioned to CUBs, we had some donors who didn't have their donor record associated with their member record. I went to check on those and noticed that they were marked as Nonmembers, instead of remaining as a member without a record number. We had received a couple of records over the last week, so I went ahead an associated the donor record with the member record. These names then showed up in my urgent task list as needing the member record to be associated with the donor record. When I went to do that, the select box was grayed out, and there was no member record in the MRN boxes. I tried changing the member to a Nonmember, and then going back to a member, but still couldn't select. The only way around this was to add a new donor record and associate the donor record with the MRN then, and then merge the old donor to the new record I just added. This seems to have solved the problem, and I don't know if we will run into the same problem in the future when we add a donor before their records arrive.

Just a heads up, when I was going through the donor records, the status on all of them was Visible. Since we are a YSA ward, we have a lot of unused records, so I changed the unused ones back to Hidden. Then when I did a send/receive, I had a rather large transmission report that printed because it printed each one of those changes at 6 per page. If any of you are going to be changing a large amount of donor records, you might want to save it as a PDF instead of printing it.

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Postby crislapi » Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:13 am

I have noticed the same type of report prints for most if not all financial transactions. This new system sure churns through paper! I made some adjustments yesterday and each one printed out in the same style you mention.

I did notice it appears to automatically backup on its own. No more prompts to backup as you are logging out.

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