NEW Ward Reimbursement Request Form

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NEW Ward Reimbursement Request Form

Postby gladejb » Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:10 am

Ward Reimbursement Request Forms

There are so many great reimbursement request forms out there! :)

I'm grateful to have seen the reimbursement process while serving as an Assistant Stake Clerk of Finances.
Now in a Bishopric, and having been assigned to help oversee our ward finances, it has offered yet another perspective of how this process works at the ward level.

After having sought out every existing form we could find, analyzing them, and using best practices principles, we created a first rough draft of our own version in an effort to meet our ward's needs.
After that, we cycled several 'beta' versions to our ward council members, each of whom offered insights, comments, and suggestions of how to make it better.

We placed 100, half-sheet hard copies of our form's final version on the the top of our filing cabinet within the ward clerk's office.
Lastly, we placed the final soft-copy versions on our "Ward Newsletter" site for the convenience of all ward auxiliary leaders (or anyone else who needs these forms), with instruction that all future updated copies will always be posted there.

I'm sure they aren't 'the' best versions of this important form, but, to the extent anyone else wishes to use them, I've attached them to this comment.
The reimbursement process is a core function of ward finances and isn't always easy to master; best of luck to any and all who have been assigned to this process in any way.


Reimbursement Request Form.v.2015.10.29.single.pdf
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Reimbursement Request Form.v.2015.10.29.double.pdf
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Re: NEW Ward Reimbursement Request Form

Postby bballrob » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:09 am

Would you care to share the original, non-PDF file you created this in? It would be nice to be able to add a ward name at the top.

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