Issue with Fast Offering receipient catagory

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Issue with Fast Offering receipient catagory

Postby rashirtz » Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:05 am

My branch President recently purchased food items from a member and then redistributed those food items (enacting his own personal Bishop Storehouse, which he is not permitted to do) to various members of the branch as he saw fit.

I instructed him after he made said purchase without consulting me that MLS requires ONE and only ONE Fast receipient can be listed in order to for him to be reimbursed via Fast Offerings fund.

I stressed to him that Fast offering expenses cannot cover more than ONE recieptient at time, and I don't see how I can put only one member as a receipient to represent all the people he gave food to, or to list multiple receipients in order to cut a check in MLS. I've told him that the only way to resove this is to take it from our branch budget, which is already overdrawn. I'm struggling to make the District President understand this as well, who thinks its ok to do this, so as to prevent an improper check from being cut.

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Re: Issue with Fast Offering receipient catagory

Postby aebrown » Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:46 am

In this particular case, I would recommend that you ask the branch president to break down how much was spent on behalf of each FO recipient. Then you cut a reimbursement check to the branch president for each recipient. That may be a lot of checks to write, but it's the correct way to do it. Using budget funds is inappropriate for fast offering purposes.

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Re: Issue with Fast Offering receipient catagory

Postby tribrac » Tue Dec 17, 2013 5:23 pm

It sounds to me that you object to more than just writing a bunch of checks. I was asked to do something once that was not in line with my understanding of the handbook, it still bothers me.

So your Branch President and District President approve and you don't agree?

And your President is being reimbursed for goods he purchased from another member? This sounds peculiar.

I don't know how you appeal to a higher authority, but that is my instinct, but that might not be the best solution either because that could potentially put a wedge between you and both Presidents.

My uninspired advice would be do what your leaders tell you. I would also consider documenting your objections and asking the B.President to sign an acknowledgment of your objections to be kept with the documentation for the expenses (and maybe keep a copy for yourself). If he already knows you object he should have no trouble signing, if he didn't know of your concerns it will give you both a chance to talk. If your brother have ought against thee.... Matt 5 23 & 24.

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Re: Issue with Fast Offering receipient catagory

Postby russellhltn » Tue Dec 17, 2013 5:33 pm

tribrac wrote:I don't know how you appeal to a higher authority, but that is my instinct,

Consult with the stake clerk. He is responsible for training the ward clerks. If needed, he can probably make the discovery look like it came from a review or training session.
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