Instructions & Question- Donation Statement of Contributions

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Instructions & Question- Donation Statement of Contributions

Postby david.fox2 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:25 pm

This is the first time that my unit has received a batch of "Donations Statement of Contributions" in mls. It appears this batch only contains members who have donated in other units, so it seems necessary to still print the complete wards "Donors Statements" separately.

I found that there is no instructions online or in the handbook regarding what to do with the batch statements. As such, we will proceed as if they were just normal tithing donations summaries and distribute them to the ward members as we do tithing settlement. Is this the correct procedure?

Are these forms do NOT contain instructions on them, in mls, online, or this forum it may cause some confusion. Is there planned documentation / instruction updates for these forms?

Additionally, As mls does not track all out of unit donations, does this mean that when the "Official Receipt Valid For Income Tax Purposes" are to be printed and distributed at the begining/end of year, we are to expect another batch similar to this one with the correct total contributions? (i.e. including out of unit donations)

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Re: Instructions & Question- Donation Statement of Contribut

Postby jdlessley » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:22 pm

Your assumptions are correct. Headquarters has sent you statements for members of your ward who have made donations in at least one other unit during the year. These statements should be handled the same as the statements printed from MLS in preparation for tithing settlement. The original instructions from the CUBS conversion over three years ago stated:
Does a member need to receive a donation statement from the current ward or Church headquarters if they've donated in more than one unit during the year?
They will receive a statement from Church headquarters if they donated to more than one unit. This statement will be mailed directly to the member and include all donations made during the appropriate time. (This will include donations made at the member's current ward and all other donations he has made associated with his member number.)

It appears the statements are being sent through MLS rather than being mailed directly to the member. I have not looked to see if this statement from headquarters includes all member contributions for the year or just those made to other units. If it includes all contributions to a certain date, a date near the date the statement was sent, then you do may not need to print another statement for the member from MLS in preparation for tithing settlement unless other donations are made in your unit after the headquarters statement and you want to include those most recent donations.

The important document is the tax valid statement. It needs to include all donations for the year. Since headquarters is carrying through with the statement made more than three years ago for the CUBS conversion then I expect they will also send the complete year tax valid statement through MLS for members who have contributed in more than one unit during the year. These statements will most likely arrive in time to be distributed before 15 January 2014.

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Re: Instructions & Question- Donation Statement of Contribut

Postby deuel » Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:41 pm

We received a similar item earlier this year via MLS (i.e. Finance > Finance Statements), member contributions made to other units during 2012. The instructions arrived January 1st, Name: "Jan 2013 Annual Charitable Cash Contributions Official Tax Summary Statement", Form: "Miscellaneous". The message-text included, "This statement will be sent via MLS every January so it is accessible to donars in time for filing personal tax returns. Please print these statements and distribute to the donor."

The actual statements arrived on February 2, 2013, Name: "31 Dec 2012", Form: "Official Tax Summary Statement".

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