Family History Center Financial Account Closure

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Family History Center Financial Account Closure

Postby wrigjef » Thu Oct 11, 2012 5:24 am

I was not sure where to post this and can't find the topic discussed elsewhere, please correct me if there is a better place or something else I can refer to.

We have gotten word that
"Now that family history center patrons can order microfilm and microfiche online, there is no longer a need for centers to maintain separate CUBS (Church Unit Banking Service) accounts. It has therefore been determined, in conjunction with the Church Auditing Department, that since centers operate under the direction of the stake, their yearly budgets should be consolidated and made part of the annual stake budgeting process. Because it was a separate account, the stake president has previously had no visibility into center funding or the needs of maintaining a center. That will now change as each year stakes should plan on budgeting the necessary funds to maintain the center. Centers can continue to charge patrons for copies and other items, as they did previously, to offset costs, and those transactions will be processed through the stake CUBS account."
I knew this was coming so as a stake financial clerk, I've set up an Other:AMFA account for the FHC and have already processed some cash deposits for them. They have pretty small deposits, they charge for printouts and copies, but annually take in about as much money as they spent on ink and paper. I will be able to draw from the FHC other account to pay these expenses. I'm just wondering if setting it up this way is correct or if I should be dumping their funds into the stake budget and then just giving them a budget category. I know ultimately it is the Stake President's call but I wanted to have some information in order to give a recommendation.

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Postby aebrown » Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:16 am

In our stake our FHC has never had a separate MLS Finance-only instance. So we've simply done what you've done and have a separate subcategory of Other:AMFA for the FHC. In our case, receipts have exceeded expenses, so we have a couple hundred dollars in that account. We'll still use that for things like toner and film orders. But on occasion we have budgeted funds for particular expenses that aren't in the category of normal operations, and we do use Budget funds for that.
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Re: Family History Center Financial Account Closure

Postby kjheinz » Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:46 pm

As a Stake Financial Clerk, I was informed today that we will create a budget account for the FHC located within our Stake Center. In reading what has been written to date I am not sure where I should create an Account ? Is it an other account or a budget account. With that said then where does any monies for this account come from. Is it just another expenditure that we need to spread out for all our stake accounts? If the FHC is supported by multiple stake, should we contact the other stakes to help fund these accounts? This would be good fpr an Other Account and help lower our stakes expenditures.

Just to many questions and not enough answers yet. I am now just in the process trying to understand how the stake is funded.

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