MLS talents and Interest

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MLS talents and Interest

Postby jirp » Sun Apr 10, 2016 2:15 pm

Is there a list of what various wards have done with their custom fields under talents and interest in MLS?

My ward the added categories are
CDL --- might need bus driver or truck drivers
Electrical -- lots of people have skills here but who are not electricians.
foreign Language --- up to us to know who has what language but at least reminds us of the list.
Potable water tank or cistern ---- in case we need stored water or to haul water
pump or shop vac. ---- flooding cleanup.
NOL --- standing for NOT on the list. That way when you ask someone who doesn't have anything on the list you have an entry so you know you talked to them

We talked about adding portable cooking gear, cook for large number of people and decided we had most families with some sort of portable grill or other cooking gear and about 1/3 of the ward could cook for large number so that both of those were wasted effort. We also talked about sewing as maybe needed but decided against it.

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