Leader and Unit Change Request - and outdated help

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Leader and Unit Change Request - and outdated help

Postby andrewgking » Sun Aug 02, 2015 12:11 pm

Stupid me thought that a separate form would still need to be filled out like the old MLS days (aka last month)... When a form was required to make a change.

This will be obvious to most everyone here, but the Leader and Unit Change Request form is no longer a functioning part of MLS (except for unit phone numbers and unit building address).

I have gotten in a bad habit of searching out how to do something before I proceed with doing it, because of the rapid changes that have been taking place in the last few years. Well in this case I could only find info on how a unit leader was changed in MLS, and not LCR. So I went to change a leader in MLS with the "Leader and Unit Change Request" form, to find that it is no longer lets you change a unit leader.

I then, without any instructions on how to do it - because it does not exist! - went to LCR and made the change. It was extremely simple thanks to all the folks who have worked on that awesome project!!!!

Okay now my point, we need to update all the stuff on the church's websites to reflect the changes that LCR has made. I know that the Help center is now that official place to obtain instruction, but at this point we have a lot of misleading instruction on the Wiki and other places. I made a few quick adjustments on the Wiki page that deals with updating tier 1 leaders, to help the next victim of outdated info.

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Re: Leader and Unit Change Request - and outdated help

Postby sbradshaw » Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:00 pm

Thanks for your fixes. This would be a good project for one or two volunteers to help out with.
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