Signature Block needed on CUBS Recreation Camp Finance Stmts

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Signature Block needed on CUBS Recreation Camp Finance Stmts

Postby charlesbruderer » Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:21 pm

To Whom do I talk to suggest a change (or Update) to the Unit Financial Statement for Recreation Camps? I am in the Exeter NH Stake and Serve as a Stake Auditor. Our Stake Recreation Camp uses the same software (MLS) and receives the similar Monthly Financial Statements. However. There is a difference. The Stake and Ward Financial Statements have a Signature and Date line for the Stake President or Bishop to Sign and a Block for the Stake or Ward Clerk to Sign (I believe it is on page two of the Statements / the page with the Action Items (issues that may need to be resolved such as long outstanding checks. The Recreation Camp Financial Statement does not have these signature blocks. I would recommend updating the software or print formats to include those. While conducting Audits, a question on the audit form regards the Stake President Review of these statements. As with Ward Financial statements, that is evidenced by the signature and date of the Clerk and the Bishop or Stake President. I have recommended that the Stake President and Clerk "Initial" the 2nd page of the Recreation Camp Financial Statement, however, a Signature Block on this Report would help remind them to do so.

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