Recommended Filing System?

Discuss basic duties of stake and ward clerks, including where to begin.
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Postby idjeeper2 » Sat Jun 12, 2010 6:52 am

My approach to the YSA Branch records:

I have a hanging file folder for each month for the last three years plus current year. I file reimbursement requests, reconciliations, transmission reports, etc in the folder for the month they apply to. Beginning in January 2011, I will shred the documents in January 2007 and file the January 2011 documents in that folder. I just continue aging out the documents as I go along. Donation slips and associated reports are in their own envelopes filed by week and filed in a separate drawer in the cabinet.

This works well for a small unit - I can fit all four years in one drawer. In my home ward, they have to use 2-3 drawers to do the same thing.

With respect to the perpetual clerk syndrome - I was previously the Membership Clerk in the home ward for 8 years. At about the 6-year mark the Stake Clerk told me (somewhat tongue in cheek) I only had 24 years to go. I was okay with that. Out of all my callings, I enjoyed that one and Scoutmaster (12 years) the most. I really like being the Branch Clerk now but I'm still pretty new at it. Working with the Young Singles is a great opportunity - so much life (and drama). Great kids though.

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