Putting all lists in Excel?

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Putting all lists in Excel?

Postby jeremybates » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:59 am

So I'm still kind of new to the clerkship here and placed the following lists into one Excel spreadsheet workbook; if there is anything I should add please let me know. Thank you!

1. Sacrament meeting attendance
2. Chapel Cleaning - every other month with the ward we share the chapel with
3. TIthing Settlement
4. Branch Temple Day (about every 2 months or so)
5. Activities broken down by month
6. Monthly Meeting Schedule - Branch Presidency, Branch Council, tithing data entry w/ clerk, etc.

Seems like I'm forgetting a few....

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Re: Putting all lists in Excel?

Postby sbradshaw » Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:56 pm

Many clerk tasks are specific to your ward and what your bishop asks you to help with – for example, cleaning the chapel and temple day are two things the clerk in my ward isn't responsible for.

There are lots of helpful resources on the forum for what kinds of things in general the clerk should be keeping track of – as well as specific tasks that may be assigned to clerks or others. Attached is the document we give to new clerks in our stake. A few things are unique to our stake, as we're a YSA student stake.
Instructions for Ward Clerks.pdf
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