Errant email from Missionary Online Recommendation System

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Errant email from Missionary Online Recommendation System

Postby nathangg » Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:41 am

I used to be listed as a submitting clerk in the missionary online recommendation system, and when I was released I had the new person remove me from that system in December 2015.

My old stake president was released in April 2016.

However, both of us received an email from the Missionary Online Recommendation System 2 days ago stating that a missionary recommendation had been returned from Church headquarters. It gave the name and missionary ID of the missionary, and it seems that this email is quite private, yet it was sent to two people who have been released (and removed) from the system.

I'm not sure how to submit a bug about it... or if it is something that can/should be fixed?

Thank you~!

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