The Evolution of the Church's IT Department

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The Evolution of the Church's IT Department

Postby McDanielCA » Fri May 15, 2009 11:13 am

The Evolution of the Church's IT Department was originally posted on the main page of LDSTech. It was written by Tom Johnson.


Length: 24 min
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In a recent poll on podcasts, at least 25% of you reported that you listen to podcasts more than twice a week. Because of this interest, we thought we should expand our content to include podcasts (in addition to article posts).

For those new to podcasting, podcasts are audio shows that you can download to your MP3 player and listen on the go, usually while you’re driving or exercising. Podcasts allow you to listen to content relevant to your niche interests -- at the exact time and location you want to listen.
In this first podcast, Stephen Shaffer, a long-time developer in the Church’s IT department, talks about the changes in the department from his first days here in 1981 until now.
Changes such as the switch from mainframes to mini-computers and PCs, from one director and his style to another, and even from WordPerfect to Word have all contributed to an interesting 28-year timeline of events. These events have given Stephen a unique perspective, one that allows him to see trends and directions that the Church has taken with technology.

Note: In the podcast, Stephen uses the term ICS, which stands for Information Communications Systems. This is the specific name of the Church’s IT department.

For even earlier details about the Church’s IT involvement, see History of IT at the Church.

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