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Disabilities Resources Web Site

Postby McDanielCA » Thu Jan 29, 2009 2:11 pm

Disabilities Resources Web Site was originally posted on the main page of LDS Tech. It was written by James Hooper.


December marked the one-year anniversary of disabilities.lds.org. This site has become a great benefit to individuals who live with a disability, and leaders, family, friends, and members of the Church who work with members with disabilities. The site offers a rich collection of doctrine, research, and helpful suggestions, including:

Helps for Leaders and Teachers in the Church. Includes subsections on:
- Managing Classroom Behavior
- How to Adapt a Lesson

Helps for Families of Children with Disabilities. With subsections tailored to:
- Fathers
- Mothers
- Grandparents
- Children and Siblings

Comforting quotes and scriptures from each of the standard works and living prophets

Links to Church materials provided for those with vision loss, blindness, hearing loss, and deafness

Frequently Asked Questions with subsections on:
- How-to
- Doctrine and Policy
- Resources
- Statistics

A list of ten major types of disabilities, with basic information, helps, and links to external resources

General resources with subsections on
- Six Myths about Members with Disabilities
- Respecting People with Disabilities

Most members of the Church have had the opportunity to be a teacher in one form or another. Whether it’s the kind of teaching that takes place in Sunday School, Family Home Evening, or with a pack of Webelos, there are many challenges to effective teaching. Messages are the most effective when tailored to the individual needs of those you are working with. For this reason, over the past year, many families, teachers, and leaders have turned to disabilities.lds.org for a tailored resource as they seek to understand, teach, and love each individual. Please take a minute to see what disabililties.lds.org has to offer.

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