Content is Really King

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Content is Really King

Postby McDanielCA » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:52 pm

Content is Really King was originally posted on the main page of LDS Tech. It was written by Greg McMurdie.


Is content really king in search engine optimization? Find out why.

Is Content King?

Today my colleague Jimmy Smith pointed me to an absolutely fascinating blog. Once I started reading it, I became enthralled and kept reading one page to the next. By the time I got done, I had spent a good 30 to 45 minutes reading some of the posts on this blog. When I finally got to a point where I could actually pull myself away from the LCD and regain my composure, I started doing e-mail again.
That’s when I came across the e-mail request to write a post for LDSTech. “Oops, better save that one,” I thought. I received a call from Cassie a few weeks earlier, but since it was a month or more away before she needed my article, I just left the e-mail request in my inbox. So after making a mental note to write an article, I went back to doing more e-mail cleanup.

When I tired of that I decided to check out the site to see what other ICS employees had posted. What did they blog about? What subjects did they choose and how did they approach them? After reading a few posts, I asked myself, “What in the world am I going to write about?”

Sure, I could tell you all about my career and bore you to tears with all the drama I’ve experienced working in the high-tech industry for some fast-growing companies for umpteen-number of years. But I realize you know all about that world. You live and breathe it every day. No need to rehash it here. After entertaining a few more ideas, that’s when it finally hit me. I knew exactly what I wanted to write about.

“Why is it that some Web sites pull us in and keep our eyes glued to the screen while others just increase the bounce rate?”

In SEO-land, a common maxim is “content is king.” And you know what ? It’s true. No matter how many meta-tags you fiddle with, no matter how many adjustments you make to a Web page, if the content is not compelling, no amount of work is going to change search engine rankings, bring traffic to a site, and retain visitors. Optimization can only do so much.

The reason I spent so much time reading that blog was simply because it was some of the best online writing I’d seen in years . . . LITERALLY! And even though I had little in common with the person who wrote the blog, there was something on every page that captured my attention and inspired me to click through to the next page, and the next, and the next. Content really is king!

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