Duty to God & Personal Progress App

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Duty to God & Personal Progress App

Postby morris.mitchel » Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:28 pm

I recently got called into the Young Men program and have had Duty to God on my mind. There has to be a way to leverage the use of technology to help these boys stay up to date and moving forward with their Duty to God (and similarly for young women with Personal Progress).

I know that within the LDS Gospel Library app you can record thoughts in the Duty to God section, but it hides amongst all of the other great things the app can do. With the amount these kids are on their phones, an app dedicated just to Duty to God or Personal Progress could really help. It could allow them to write notes, set reminders, enable pop-up notifications, etc. A leader or parent could have a version of the app as well in order to track the boys' progress and assist with his goals and deadlines.

If I knew how to make an app, I would do it for sure.

Any thoughts? Is there something already out there?

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