LDS Account sign-on problem

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LDS Account sign-on problem

Postby trentlamb » Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:24 am

I assume that one of you folks on here works for the church in the IT department, maybe you can help me.

I am a Branch President. I have an LDS Account sign on. I can use it to access the CDOL with no problem, to access ecclesialastic endorsements with no problem, and previous to late January, I used LDS Tools and downloaded my branch directory with no problem.

But at that point, suddenly my sign on returns a "You are not authorized to access this information".

I thought that maybe it was an issue because my unit is located in the Asia Area. But today, I was with a member of our District Presidency and he accessed both the calendar and directory from

So, I tried it tonight myself. And sure enough, just like LDS Tools, I get the error message that I am not authorized.

Can someone with access see what has happened and why I can the other members of my presidency suddenly can't access our information?

BTW my unit is 304522 Shanghai China (English) Branch, my District is 559431 Shanghai China International District.

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