Is new functionality to replace "google Docs" on horizon?

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Is new functionality to replace "google Docs" on horizon?

Postby kisaac » Mon Dec 27, 2010 6:22 pm

With the new tools, it's been "hinted" that all the functionality of "classic" LUWS will eventually be available.

We currently use the "news and resources" for storing documents that the ward members may need. PDF maps to girls camp, Teachings for our times lesson list, leaders meeting schedules, etc.

In a way, it functions as a file repository, somewhat like google docs, without any ability to control who sees the info, other than the LDS login, and no way to update anything in a work-group like setting.

I'm sure it's planned for to eventually have something similar. It would be REALLY NICE to get more functionality, as in a resource like google docs, so we can finally move everything we do to a secure LDS system.

I imagine a place for files for all who can log in, similar to what "classic" LUWS has, and then an option to have private documents for leaders, perhaps with permissions based on invitation and callings, similar to the calendar app. These could be read only, of course, Like "classic," but the real "gem" would be if it could allow work-group type collaboration on documents- like google docs. With this, we could finally have a workable ward council agenda!

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