email tlds > 4 chars plz?

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email tlds > 4 chars plz?

Postby jsonWhite » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:32 pm

I submitted a request on this directly to support and got no response. The membership/account settings on do not allow email address with TLD (.com, .net, etc.) of more than 4 characters (yes, I debugged it, read the javascript validation and even tested a manual submission with javascript out of the way).

Anyone know why they can't update the policy and validation (regEx) to allow for something like (where I have my preferred email parked now)?


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Re: email tlds > 4 chars plz?

Postby mevans » Sat Oct 14, 2017 6:44 am

How long ago did you submit your request to support? Depending on the load, sometimes it takes weeks for them to respond. Those who respond I believe are volunteer church service missionaries and it's possible your question may not be understood, especially when you are using acronyms such as TLD. I thought longer top-level domains were more recent, but saw mention that ".museum" has been around since 2001.

I suggest resubmitting your support request and try to explain the problem in a way that a non-technical person would understand it. You might even include a link to the current list of TLDs (

I suspect the regEx you found was probably created by someone who didn't properly research the topic. In technology, there are many specs that aren't consulted--people are trying to make things work and move on to the next task to be done. I've learned about some specs I wasn't aware of on these forums. For example, I believe it was on these forums that I learned that email addresses are actually case sensitive per the spec ( and are different addresses), but few--if any--email services enforce that. I'm sure the church's regEx was implemented with good intentions, but it's clearly a bug. Hopefully if the first line of support response understands that it will be submitted as a bug and fixed.

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