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General Conferences. All Conferences. Number of times spoken

Postby emoosman » Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:00 am

As I was browsing the General Conference section under the list of all general conference speakers I noticed some inconsistencies that may want to be addressed.
The list begins with the current 1st Presidency and Quorum Twelve, and then goes to an alphabetical listing after that.

As of August 2017 this read:
In the 1st presidency listing it says Thomas S. Monson has spoke: 204 times in the alphabetical listing it says 234
Henry B. Eyring 1st presidency alphabetical listing 87
Uchtdorf 63 then 64
Nelson is the same for both
Oaks 67 and 68
Ballard 73 and 75
Hales 56 and 58
Holland 48 and 49
Bednar Same
Cook Same
Christofferson Same
Andersen Same
Rasband Same
Stevenson Same
Renlund Same

Shouldn't the count be the same regardless of where it is listed?

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