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Postby alan.richardson » Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:34 am

Couldn't find a feedback page or email address to address this to, so hoping a post to the forum will migrate appropriately. Disclaimer aside . . .

While performing an audit for the Jan-June 2016 period, I noticed that when entering details into the Payments and Deposits work sheets that only the last detail entry for each question is carried into the Corrective Actions Plan. Put another way, if a particular question receives a "no" answer for more than one expense or deposit, entering the new information in the details window will overwrite the previously written information for the same question (or at least that is all that shows up in the Corrective Actions Plan).

Don't know if this has previously been a problem; I've had multiple entry exceptions in previous audit, but don't "remember" having this problem when I got to the end. The Corrective Actions Plan can be manually edited to allow summarizing all the data for each exception, if you remember what you found earlier.

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