Multiple bugs on the website.

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Multiple bugs on the website.

Postby jbtuck » Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:07 pm

While browsing around the website I notices a few issues that were easily duplicatable. None were security related, thankfully, but they were a bit odd.

The first issue revolves around the favicon. The favicon is the icon that appears in the browser tab, it helps determine where you are when there are many tabs open.

It is missing on many pages throughout the website. Though I will link the specific pages that are affected, these are the root directories, and it appears that all pages deeper are affected. (This makes sense if you know how the favicon is set.)

6. (I am not a Missionary, so my page pulls up the message: 'No home page configured for the current user.')

In each of these listed above, the Favicon is missing. While certainly not a critical bug. It does affect each of these pages, and they are public facing enough that it may present a different message than we want presented for the True Church.

The next issue is a minor one. It has to do with font sizes, hovering a mouse cursor over a link, and when a link should occupy 2 lines.

On the following page you can see this in action. ... e&x=11&y=9

If you scroll down on the page and look at the menu system to select a specific book of scripture to view, or below that in the "Related Topics" section you will see a link for "TG - Overcome, Overcame".

When you hover over the ", Overcame" part. The link will flash and although you can click on it, and it looks like you are actually clicking on the link, you have to scroll the mouse to the left and click on the "TG - Overcome," part or else it does nothing.

I know that both of these are small things, but I believe that our image is dependant on the small things. I also work as a software tester, and I like to help out.


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Re: Multiple bugs on the website.

Postby johnshaw » Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:42 am

Best Way to report this is to access a page, and use the feedback option at the bottom of the page, paste in your feedback and it'll get to the developers.
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Re: Multiple bugs on the website.

Postby jbtuck » Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:21 pm

Ok sent.

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