Meeting times Change each year

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Meeting times Change each year

Postby aaubuchon » Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:56 pm

Our building has three units and our meeting times change each year.
We are not yet filmiluar with the new times of meetings.
It would be very nice to be able acess those meeting times for each ward.
12:30 PM -1st hour - Our sunday School
I don't know - 2nd hour- Next is Priesthood / Relief Society
I don't know - 3rd hour - Sacrament Meeting

Or a dowloadable PDF file showing where to go and how to get around would also work.

Thank You,
Al Aubuchon

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Re: Meeting times Change each year

Postby russellhltn » Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:13 pm

The meeting times are already a part of maps - at least as far as when the block starts and when sacrament meeting starts.

The times could certainly be added as an article to the newsletter.
Have you searched the Wiki?
Try using a Google search by adding "" to the search criteria.

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Re: Meeting times Change each year

Postby Gary_Miller » Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:16 pm

You can edit meeting times in MLS. the MLS help menu can guide you through the process. Once this is accomplished the times are updated in the other features of

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