New Videos in Sunday School D&C Manual

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New Videos in Sunday School D&C Manual

Postby veehb » Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:29 am

Looked for a post on this, but can't find anything here.

Late last night I think I watched an update to this manual (Doctrine & Covenants for Gospel Doctrine class). I was using it on line to prepare for a Gospel Doctrine lesson this morning. The site locked up and was unresponsive for a few minutes. I logged back in and went back to the manual and noticed for the first time that the suggested pictures and three videos had been added in the right margin of the first page of the manual. It looked like two of them had been produced just for this lesson (about 90 seconds long and very pertinent to Lesson 5, "This is the Spirit of Revelation").

This is a wonderful addition to this manual. Hope it continues for the rest of them (maybe it has, I haven't checked). Now, it would be very nice if the manual text could be modified to suggest when to insert these videos in the lesson. The teacher can do that, but a suggestion in the text would be helpful. But, that probably requires a trip through the Church Correlation Dept. Although I suspect the addition of the videos was approved by correlation.

Is this some type of Beta, or has it gone live? I have access to many things on not available to others because of my calling as Stake Executive Secretary. I only noticed it after I logged on using my login.

Much like the new curriculum for the youth this year. Very nice!

Vee Butterfield
Bennion Utah East Stake

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