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Direct links to Flash downloads

Postby reed-p40 » Fri May 30, 2008 12:16 pm

It would be great if Flash webpages that showed "To view this page correctly, please download and install ..."
also had a direct link to the Flash multimedia file (not the software). (So add a sentence "For the direct download for the multimedia file, click here.")

Some users (like me) may choose not to enable Flash in their web browsers (for various reasons), but still have a Flash player available.

Please consider allowing website user to download the direct file.

Here is one example /media/MormonOrg/Clip9_VP6_200k.swf (I haven't found it yet. I tried

(On a related note, it would be awesome if SVG multimedia presentations were offered as alternatives to Flash. I know we need to wait until it becomes standard in some web browsers, but it works great for many.)

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